Baptism Application Form

Baptism is a sign of God’s grace towards us.  It is Christ’s gift and a sign by which the Spirit of God joins the people of Jesus Christ and incorporates them into his body, the Church.  In being baptised, we acknowledge our own propensity to sin and need of a saviour, we are symbolically cleansed from all our sin and set free from the power of sin and death. We rise out of the waters, into new life in Christ, filled with the Spirit of God.

Baptism into Christ’s body initiates people into Christ’s life and mission in the world, so that they are united in one fellowship of love, service, suffering and joy, in one family of the Father of all in heaven and earth, and in the power of the one Spirit. The Uniting Church will baptise those who confess the Christian faith, and children who are presented for baptism and for whose instruction and nourishment in the faith the Church takes responsibility.

  • We practice baptism for all ages.
  • Those who have been baptised in other churches do not need to be baptised again.