Church Services


Worship Services:

9:00am at Moggill Worship Centre and

9:00am at Karana Downs Worship Centre

Moggill Worship Centre Address:  corner of Moggill Road and Kangaroo Gully Road, Moggill

Karana Downs Worship Centre Address:  180 Swensons Road, Mount Crosby

When there is a 5th Sunday in the month, we gather to worship together at Colleges Crossing (in the top area past the cafe. Next outdoor service is 9am on 31st October.

Our worship services are for all ages, featuring music and singing, prayer and a sermon based on weekly Bible readings. Holy Communion takes place on the first Sunday of each month at Moggill and the second Sunday each month at Karana Downs. A voluntary offering can be made during this service each week.
Children join the congregation at the start of the service to sing in praise and then move to an activities table.

The Moggill Worship Services are live streamed to Youtube. Click here for details and access to past recorded services: LiveStream