What’s Happening?

Here at Moggill Uniting we are committed to being vehicles of Gods outrageous love in our community – locally, nationally and globally.    We endeavour to be a gift with no strings attached (not always successfully).  How can you help us?  Give us the opportunity to attempt to lavish unconditional favour and support on you! It’s that easy.   As you begin to engage with this fun-loving community of Jesus followers, you won’t be able to stop yourself lavishing that same unconditional favour and support on others – it’s contagious – and feels – oh so good!  We have a variety of ways in which we try to do this, but its beginning place is within each and every individual member, filtering out to our Worship services, Children’s and Youth Ministries, Small Groups, Community Center, Events, local and international Community partnerships and more.    We believe every life has a unique purpose that adds value and meaning to the common good and it is our desire to help you discover and deepen and lift the lid on the potential of that purpose in light of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.   All you have to do is simply, engage, in whatever way suits, just as you are.