Day Camp 2018

Day Camp 2018

Theme: A Journey To Paris
Dates: Monday 2nd July to Friday 6th July

Registration leaders / helpers / support
Opens:     Thursday 1st March 2018
Closes:     no closing date as yet

Registration campers (years 1 to 8)  

Opens:     Sunday 15th April 2018…open from 6am
Closes:    Monday 18th June 2018…. NOW CLOSED


Campers (yrs 1-7):  $150 each
Campers (more than 1 in family in yrs 1-7):  $140 each
Campers (year 8):  $120 each
Helpers:  $30 each

Day Camp 2018 team:
Director: Trent Wheeley
Chaplain: Eric Woodrow (MUC Youth & Families Pastor)
Registrar: Pip Ferrant-Smith
Music & admin: Helen Capern
Chaplain: Niki Durrheim

SPECIAL DATES for leaders, helpers & support people (details to come)

  • Social night….Saturday 24th March
  • Training evening….Saturday 16th June
  • Training day….Sunday 1st July

Contact email:

1 What, where and who

2 Daily timetable and activities

3 Who is who and what do they do

4 Travel, attendance and illness

5 What to wear and bring

6 Medical and safety concerns

7 Support

8 Photos, social media and the internet