Day 3

Day Camp News – Wednesday

Today was FANTASTIC.  FANTASTIC fun with FANTASTIC friends learning about our FANTASTIC God.  Today we started kayaking the river.  Our last groups finished their mud play. Teams started work on their banners.  The grade 8s cooked their first pizzas using the oven that they made.

Today in the drama Alex was mugged and abandoned. People walked by without helping her.  The someone unexpected came to help.  Someone Super. Someone Mega.  It was the return of Super Mega Awesome Baby.

Our memory verse was “Love your neighbour as yourself.” from Matthew 22:39

As well as the yr8 pizzas we had sticky damper, curry damper, camembert damper, stewed applies and smores.

Remember to check all the photos on the Moggill Uniting website and be on the lookout for ticks.

Sleep well and we’ll see you all tomorrow as we ‘Journey to Paris.’