Day 1

Day Camp News… below

Wow.  Beautiful weather at Allawah beside the beautiful Brisbane River.  200 campers gathered on the banks of the rover under the giant red and white marquee.  They sang and they danced and they listened and the learnt.

Today in the drama Alex asked for her inheritance, planned a trip to Paris and the boarded the wrong plane.  Oh no!

Our memory verse was “Share your plans with the Lord and you will succeed.” From Proverbs 16:3.

Everyone cooked over fires.  We got to sample our first dampers – Nachos Damper – so good.  The grade 4s played in the mud.  And the grade 8s stomped in the clay while making their own pizza oven from scratch – for very small pizzas.

We did have three ticks today – so everyone should be on the lookout.

Sleep well and we’ll see you all tomorrow as we ‘Journey to Paris.’